Wee Bop Music


Fall Registration now open!

All the Wee Bop teachers miss you terribly. Thank you for your patience as we worked through a safe way to hold Wee Bop classes this fall.  Your feedback on our recent family survey helped us decide four options to accommodate the different comfort levels of each family.  Visit https://www.weebopmusic.com/ for more info and to register.  We can't wait to see you this fall!!

There’s a special magic that happens in Wee Bop music classes.  It’s so much more than singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and dancing the Hokey Pokey (although we love them). 

In Wee Bop classes kids will:

  • Express themselves through music and movement
  • Acquire words
  • Gain school readiness skills
  • Learn socialization with others kids, sharing, taking turns, and circle time. 

But most importantly, early music education maximizes your child’s aptitude for learning music later.  Are you imagining piano lessons or a band instrument in your child’s future?  Exposing them to music from birth to age 5 gives them the most solid chance of learning that instrument later!   

One of the bonuses of group music classes is the community you get to build with other families.  Many friendships have been forged during a Wee Bop class session and it’s lovely to make those connections of support. 



Hybrid/Blended classes

Mixed-age (0-5)

If you're ready for some face to face time with your teacher but on a limited scale, this hybrid class is the right fit.  One week half of the class meets in the space with your teacher while the other half participate from home via Zoom.  The next week, you switch and the first half watch from home while the other half comes to class.  Sing, dance, play instruments!

*Possible to join class as a fully online option too!

Hopkins, kiddywampus:

  • Tuesday at 9:30 AM, Ms. Emma

Class details:

  • Classes begin the week of Sept 14
  • 45 minutes class, 10-week session
  • COST - $165 - first child, sibling rate $110
  • Teachers - Ms. Chellie, Ms. Emma
  • Registration includes a Wee Bop recording



In-person (50% Capacity )

Tots & Tunes, ages (15 mos-3 years)

Smaller, socially distanced classes (6 kids and 6 adults), for those busy toddlers who are more likely to stay engaged in a live class (rather than online).  Classes meet in-person weekly in NE Minneapolis at Straightline Fitness and in Hopkins at kiddywampus, sing, dance and play instruments with safety precautions in place.

Hopkins, kiddywampus:

  • Tuesdays 10:45 AM, Ms. Emma

Class details:

  • Classes begin the week of Sept 14
  • 45 minute class, 10-week session
  • COST - $165 first child, sibling rate $110
  • Teachers - Ms. Chellie, Ms. Emma, 
  • Registration includes a Wee Bop recording



Private/Covid Bubble classes

Mixed-age (0-8)

Bring your "bubble" or "pod" to a class this fall.  Private classes for extended families, grandparents or friend groups, preschool buddies, neighbors who have been social distancing together during this time. 

Contact us to arrange a class for a session length and at a location that works for your group! Minimum 5 kids, maximum 8.  Session length must be at least 4 weeks long.

  • 45 minute class
  • Session - TBD
  • COST - $16.50 per first child/class,  sibling rate $11.00 per child/class.
  • Teachers - Ms. Chellie, Ms. Emma, Ms. Sara (NY location and online)
  • Registration includes a Wee Bop recording